What a joy to record this phenomenal music!

I love the creative photography of Odradek photographer Tommaso Tuzj, and will never forget that photo session. I’ll relate more of this story in a BACHBLOG post. The concept originates with the famous quote by Beethoven: ‘Nicht Bach, sondern Meer sollte er heißen…’  ‘His name should not be called Bach [Brook] but Meer [Sea].’

‘I can picture myself now, as a very small boy, alone, in our holiday home by the beach, listening…  It was Bach, the Sea, as Beethoven put it. The location, Rosebud, south eastern Australia. My recordings were played endlessly, and I was mesmerised by the beauty and joy. The music was the first book of the Well-Tempered Clavier, and as I grew as a person and as a musician, my love and fascination for this music only increased. Many years later I became entranced by the second book, and it is one of my highest privileges to be able to share this music in concert, and now in recording.’

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